How to Start a Bridal Photography Business

Building a legal photography business is quite challenging, especially if it’s your first time. The most common problem with some photographers who are trying to build this type of business is they are not even legal. It is always easy to own a high powered camera, build a social media page for the photography business and start looking for customers. Legal photography business is much better than that.

Wedding PhotographyIf you are planning to establish a wedding photography business in Fresno, it is important to be authentic and be authorized by the regulation commission. You need to take this seriously because customers will treat you lightly if you do not have legal documents to operate within the state.

So, what are the things that you need when you mean serious business? Photography gear is an important start. As a professional, you cannot afford to ruin your reputation and lose clients by utilizing malfunctioning cameras. As much as possible, you need to invest on at least two high powered cameras. The first one as the main camera and the second for backup.

When it comes to camera gears, here are the basics that you should at least get:

Camera: There are two types of cameras that you should buy, the first one is for the portrait shoot (Nikon D7100) and the second item is for the wedding photography (Nikon D610).

Lenses: In a wedding shoot, lenses are very important tools. You cannot skip on this one, unless you want a ruined shot. You can start with the range of lenses from 35 mm f/2.0 to 85 mm f/1.8. If you will be shooting in a dark room, get a 70 to 200 f/2.8 lens.

Flash and other accessories: For extra flashes/lights, it is highly recommended to get SB-700 from Nikon. Other items that you will need during the shoot are light stands, reflectors, memory card and camera bags.

The next part of establishing your business is more on the essentials. You can start by incorporating the photography business under your name; this will cost you around $100 to $125 depending on the provider.

To make the business more reliable, you should get business insurance as well. This will cost you around $600 annually depending on the location you are in. Before advertising your business, it is also pays a lot when you have product samples. Print your portfolios ahead of time, so that you will have something to show to your possible clients if they are inquiring.

When processing photography contracts and legal fees, it is important to deal with a lawyer who is familiar with photography business. If there is a lawyer who is also a photographer in your area, make sure to use his/her service.

Going back to the technical side, you also need to invest on editing softwares and computers. As much as possible, the computer should be high powered in order to handle overwhelming photo editing works.

Building wedding photography business in Fresno is not just about being famous locally. Putting up your own website will be helpful when it comes to reaching broader audience. In this way, your service is much easier to locate and contact.